Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Beauregard Session, Acting (Because he has no belief in Justice Attorney General Gives Police Green Light to Kill

Message:  Don't Worry Officers, The Federal Government Won't Interfere

Thanks to video recordings it is now no secret that a few police officers see their jobs as judge and executioner of African Americans.  Almost all of the police are great, but a few like to murder, particularly murder minorities.  We see this with our own eyes in recordings.  And the Obama administration said this was unacceptable and that the Justice Department would work to stop it.  Now we have a new Attorney General, one unconcerned with civil rights and civil wrongs against minorities, and so he will end involvement by Justice.

The Justice Department will “pull back” from investigations into alleged civil rights abuses by local police departments, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Tuesday in addressing what had been a hallmark of the Obama administration.

This is, of course, coded language to police departments. Go ahead and shoot unarmed black men, we don't care. Of course this is exactly what one would expect from an AG deemed too racist by Republicans to be a federal judge.

In January, the Justice Department found the Chicago Police Department had engaged in an unconstitutional use of excessive force, including deadly force, though it was left to the Trump administration to settle the issue.

Mr. Sessions told reporters on Monday he had only read a summary of that report but found evidence used in such reports to be “anecdotal.” He said he had not yet decided how to proceed in the Chicago case.

Uh, anecdotal is an unverified tale. What America saw in Chicago was a police officer gun down an African American and the other officers lie about it.

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