Thursday, April 6, 2017

The 3 Stooges are Back – And in Charge of CIA Cyber Security

WiKi Leaks Releases Code on How Agency Hides Viruses

How Incompetent is he CIA?  Don’t Ask.

One would think that the deepest cyber security secrets at the CIA would be secure.  One would be wrong.

WikiLeaks’ latest release of CIA cyber-tools could low the cover on agency hacking operations

WikiLeaks’ latest disclosure of CIA cyber-tools reveals a technique used by the agency to hide its digital tracks, potentially blowing the cover on current and past hacking operations aimed at gathering intelligence on terrorists and other foreign targets.
The release Friday of the CIA’s “Marble Framework” comes less than a month after the WikiLeaks dumped onto the Internet a trove of files — dubbed “Vault 7” — that described the type of malware and methods the CIA uses to gain access to targets’ phones, computers and other electronic devices. . . . .
The material includes the secret source code of an “obfuscation” technique used by the CIA so its malware can evade detection by anti-virus systems. The technique is used by all professional hackers, whether they work for the National Security Agency, Moscow’s FSB security agency or the Chinese military. But because the code contains a specific algorithm — a digital fingerprint of sorts — it can now be used to identify CIA hacking operations that had previously been detected but not attributed.
Good grief!!.  Is this the best we can do.  And no we cannot lay this at the feet of Trump and  his cohorts.   This is pure non-partisan stupidity.

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