Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Texas Jails Crime Victims to Force Them to Testify - Is Texas Even Part of the United States?

If Texas Wants to Leave the U. S. - Don't Let Them Slam the Door on the Way Out

Conservative states just get more awful.  It turns out in Texas it is policy to jail a crime victim to make them testify.  And that lead to this horror story.

"The bill comes amid fallout from a politically charged case of a mentally ill Houston woman who was jailed by prosecutors for nearly a month to ensure she testified at a hearing against a man of accused of raping her.
The woman, publicly identified only by her first name, Jenny, had suffered a psychological breakdown while testifying. She was then mistakenly placed in the county jail’s general population instead of a mental-health unit and eventually continued her testimony."

So now Texas is considering a law that , no, would not end the practice, just put in a few extra procedures before sending victims to jail.

"Under the proposed Texas law, if a prosecutor or defense attorney wants to detain crime witnesses or victims to compel their testimony—a rare practice that is typically legally permissible—the court must first appoint a lawyer for them and hold a hearing. If a judge approves the detention, then bond must be granted.
If the victim or witness cannot post the bond and ends up being placed in custody, a rehearing must be held on within five days."

Gosh Texas just leave already, you don't belong in a democracy, you don't embrace freedom, you just are an ugly blight on the nation.

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