Thursday, April 20, 2017

NRA Staffer Shoots Self Putting His Gun Away

C'mon - Once You Found Out it Wasn't a Serious Wound You Did Chuckle, Didn't You

We all felt a bit better after learning that the NRA staffer who shot himself is okay. Nobody wants anyone badly injured or killed from an accidental gunshot.  But then we really felt good about the publicity, you know the kind that makes the NRA look like the fools they portray themselves in the media.

"The NRA has long touted itself as a champion of gun safety, but the incident highlights the dangers posed by firearms, even when stored or holstered. According to the Gun Violence Archive, there were 2,200 unintentional shootings in 2016, and 549 incidents have already occurred so far in 2017.

Meanwhile, the NRA has hosted seminars in which speakers encourage gun owners to store firearms in children’s bedrooms — despite that fact that children are often involved in unintentional shootings. According to data collected by gun safety group Everytown, at least 247 people were accidentally shot by children in 2016, and at least 58 have occurred so far this year."

As for the NRA, anyone who says this deserves to be, well not shot, but certainly declared certifiable.

"Rob Pincus, who owns the popular firearm instruction company I.C.E. Training, paced across a conference room stage as he repeatedly warned against the threat of violent home invasions. After establishing that filling one’s home with weapons is the only solution, he then recommended that gun owners store firearms in their kids’ rooms for easy access."

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