Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Soviet Sean Spicer is No Longer Soviet Sean - He's Now Stupid Sean

A Sincere and Heartfelt Apology Cannot Cover Up Idiocy

The Press Secretary has tried to make the case that Assad is worse than Hitler, making the statement that even Hitler did not use chemical weapons against his own people.  We guess he was thinkng that those 6+ million Jews, Gays, Africans, Gypsies, Eastern Europeans, etc all died of natural causes.  Okay, after he realized what he said he did the one thing that no one in the Trump administration has ever done or will ever do, he apologized.

The problem here is that person this stupid is the President's spokesperson.  On the plus side for Stupid Sean, he may not turn out to be the most ignorant person in the administration.  Stay tuned.

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