Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ivanka Trump to Announce New ‘Spoiled Princess’ Line of Clothing

And Other Snarky Mostly False Comments on the News

Trump’s daughter has not said that the key to her success in rising from a business woman who was largely handed everything in life to a totally amateurish advisor to Presidents lies in what she wears.  So she will soon produce a new clothing line guaranteed to allow the wearer to succeed at any job no matter how lacking in qualifications that person is, as long as, of course, that person’s father hands them everything on a silver platters.

Trump has stated that he wants the top tax rates on organizations like partnerships to drop from about 40% to 15%.  It is just a coincidence that partnerships are likely the vehicle of choice for Trumps investments and that the tax cut, if enacted will given him tax reductions in the millions.  Of course that assumes he actually pays taxes.

Former Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn appears to have violated federal law and if so may be headed for a big fine or jail.  Trump has said he hardly knows the guy and that those thousands of photos of him with Flynn were all photo-shopped by North Korea.

The Theory that bullies back down when threatened by principled people willing to stand up to them was reinforced when the President quickly back down from his insistence that funds for the border wall be including the funding law that is necessary to keep the government open through September.  Dems could accommodate the President by authorizing the spending once Mexico has signed an ironclad agreement to pay for the wall.  Yep, just holding Trumpie to his campaign promise.

The NFL Draft is coming up and as usual all those folks having trouble getting to sleep are advised to put down the pills and just watch for a few minutes.  Guaranteed to put you to rest.

Canada is planning to respond to the U. S. attempt to put a 20% tax on Canadian lumber exports to the U. S. by adding 20 more NHL teams based in the U. S.  The nation is expected to quickly back down in response.

Trump has assembled a team of experts to try and find an accomplishment for his first 100 days other than getting a Republican Supreme Court Justice confirmed by a Republican Senate by changing the rules.  It is rumored that actress Viola Davis will star in a min-series, How to Get Away With Stealing a Supreme Court Justice”  Famed bank robber Willie Sutton is being mentioned to play Mitch McConnell role.

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