Wednesday, April 26, 2017

NFL’s Washington Racial Epithets Shows What’s Wrong With America

Welfare for the Very Rich; Take Away Health Care for the Lower Income Folks

Football used to be a fun game.  Nowadays it is a cruel business, from high school to the pro’s.  And the greediest, the meanest, the most insensitive of all are the NFL owners. 

Consider the case of the Washington team, whose nickname is defended as heritage, much the same way that flying the Confederate flag is defended as heritage instead of the racial bias it represents.  The team owner, a nasty man named Daniel Snyder refuses to even consider changing the names, much as he refuses to competently manage the team.

But that’s not the worst.  See Snyder is a billionaire and here’s a WaPo story about him, his team president and their efforts to ultimately get tens of millions of government money for a new stadium even though the current one is not very old.

How rich is Snyder, well there is this. 

Whether it’s built in Northern Virginia, on the site of RFK Stadium in the District or remains in Maryland, the Redskins’ next stadium will be Snyder’s legacy — not the hand-me-down venue he acquired from the estate of the late Jack Kent Cooke. For Snyder, it would be an opulent monument to his clout and stature as an NFL owner — an owner whose team is worth $2.95 billion, according to Forbes magazine’s September 2016 valuation, nearly four times the $800 million he paid for it in 1999.

Here is a billionaire who regards his legacy as building a new football stadium, not curing cancer, not educating children, not helping the environment or any other charitable causes.  And yes you are reading that correctly, his team is worth about $3 billion.

So one would think a person that rich would not need government welfare and handouts.  One would be wrong.  The team president Bruce Allen is a glad handing beggar of public funds.

he has forged relationships with Washington-area politicians, particularly in Virginia, which led to a lucrative, eight-year deal to hold training camp in Richmond each summer beginning in 2013. The Redskins in 2012 also received a $4 million grant from the state and $6 million from the Virginia State Lottery toward an expansion and renovation of the team’s headquarters in Ashburn.

Yes, you are reading that correctly.  Virginia has given, and ‘given’ is the right this billionaire tens of millions of dollars.  Thought lottery was to pay for things like education, you thought wrong.

The problem with all of this is not just that it’s wrong, it’s that politicians and billionaires see no reason why it is wrong.  And this is not partisan politics, Virginia’s Democratic governor wants to help the team build the multi-billion dollar stadium.

No doubt, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) would love the distinction of landing the new stadium for his state before his term ends in January 2018. A tireless dealmaker and a voluble promoter of his adopted home state, McAuliffe has a close relationship with Snyder and describes Allen as “a very straight shooter.”

The irony, even if taxpayers pick up a large portion of the bill they still cannot sit at the table, the price of tickets being so high those who pay for luxury will have to sit in the back of the bus and watch the game on TV.

So, need an example of what’s horribly wrong in the nation, look no further than Daniel Snyder, Bruce Allen, Terry McAuliffe and the racially offensive Washington football team.

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