Saturday, April 29, 2017

Finally Finding Something Positive in The Trump Administration – And Finding Some Things Wrong with the Democrats

We Want to Be Fair, But Conservatives Make That So Difficult

The bias here against Republicans, Conservatives and Donald J. Trump is not prejudice, it is the result of well founded research and the policies of those folks.  They stand for (1) a more polluted environment (2) less people covered with adequate health care insurance, (3) socialism for the wealthy, (4) hypocrisy and lying in the furtherance of their cause, (5) crippling public education etc etc etc.

But it is hard to be all bad all the time, so a diligent search found this to praise about the President. It is his relationship with China.  During the campaign Trump was highly critical of China, wanted to engage in a trade war with them and though he had no idea of what it meant he was going to call them a currency manipulator.  But once in his office Trump has seemed to want to engage China in positive relations, which is good because every day China becomes more and more the economic, financial and military leader of the Asian part of the world.  To be able to work with China is a huge plus for America and Trump seems to be pulling that off.

At least for now.  Given his irrationality Trump could easily ruin things and if he does history will condemn him for it, assuming they can fit it in with the other condemnations.  But until that happens a small celebration is in order for the administration acting like a real government with the people’s welfare in mind in dealing with China.

As for the Democrats, they have been the good opposition, making the best of a losing hand.  But they still need younger, more energetic leadership.  They need unity.  They need to have an alternative to destroying health and to have programs for improving ACA.  And they need to have an ex-President who is not going around to the banks and taking$400 k for a speech.  Hilary did that sort of thing, how did it work out for her?

And no one should worry, as soon as Trump does a stupid thing this Forum will be back at him.  Should take no longer than 20 minutes.

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