Friday, April 7, 2017

Sec State Rex Tillerson - Latest Amateur Buffoon in the Trump Administration

This Time Inexperience Has Consequences

U. S. policy towards Syria had been consistent until Trumpie.  The position was that President Assad was an ungodly horrific tyrant who had to go.  But now Trump gets in and Syria still has the support of Putin and so a couple of days ago Tillerson, who has no idea of what to do changes U. S. policy and says we leave Assad in place.

The result, Assad gasses his own people, and kills children and babies.  Trump finds new outrage and promises to do something, but of course he don't know what to do.  And Tillerson, after only a couple of days of saying Assad would stay now says this.

"With the acts that he [Mr Assad] has taken, it would seem that there would be no role for him to govern the Syrian people,” Mr Tillerson said. “The process by which Assad would leave is something that I think requires an international community effort.” Asked whether the US would organize an international coalition to pave the way for the removal of Mr Assad from power, he said: “Those steps are under way.” The statement marked a dramatic reversal from his comments in Turkey last week when the US’s lead diplomat said that the fate of Mr Assad would be “decided by the Syrian people”

Of course, nobody believes Tillerson.  He now joins Trump as having zero credibility.

There are no steps underway.  If Assad could have been removed he would already be the ex-President.

Make no mistake, the gas attacks are solely 100% the work of Assad.  The U. S. is in no way culpable.  But the lack of qualified professional foreign policy leaders has left the amateurs in charge making things worse, much worse.

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