Friday, April 28, 2017

Cataloguing Some But Not All of Trump’s Failures to Date

Listing All Would Exceed the Resources of the Web

Here are just a few of the mistakes, failures, and reversals of the Trumpie in less than 100 days.

  1. NAFTA – Worst agreement ever according to Trump.  So far, nothing done on it, nada, zero.

  1. Iranian Agreement – Worst agreement ever according to Trump.  Iran is cheating.  State just certified to Congress that Iran is in compliance.

  1. Health Care – Trump promised plan that would lower premiums and increase enrollment and improve coverage.  Plan he supported did none of the three.

  1. Korea – U. S. sending carrier fleet to Korea, oops, sorry, carrier fleet going away from Korea.  North Koreans must be laughing at Donnie.

  1. China – Were to be named a currency manipulator on Day 1.  Didn’t happen.  Now recognized not to be a currency manipulator.

  1. More China – Supposedly helping with North Korea, actually all talk, no action.  North Koreans and China must be laughing at Donnie.

  1. Helping Coal – All talk, no action, coal continues to decline, solar is soaring.  Trump clueless.

  1. The Best and the Brightest – Trump was going to get only the top people into his government.  So far top people are clueless son-in-law and fashion designer daughter.  Lots of openings left, experience, education, training not required.

  1. U. S. Attorney’s Fired – No replacement in place, law and order party has little law, no order.

  1. Muslim Ban – Trump keeps forgetting about that Constitution thingee

  1. Turkey – President congratulate Turkish President for creating a dictatorial Muslim country – uh, isn’t that what he opposed?

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