Monday, April 10, 2017

FAQ's on Trump's Lack of Syrian Policy - All the Answers That Donnie Won't Like

Since the media turned slavishly complimentary to Trumpie after the missile attack on a Syrian Air Base and can no longer be trusted here is the real info on the current Syrian policy.

Q.  Is the attack on Syria a change in policy?

A.  No, since there was no policy this cannot be a change.

Q.  Does the U. S. now have a policy with respect to the Syrian civil war?

A.  No, there is no current policy.  Trump is doing what he always does, just making things up.  No one in the administration can articulate a Syrian policy that does not exist.

Q.  Why is the missile attack dangerous?

A.  Trump responds only to flattery, so the praise he got from the media may well encourage him to attack other countries, particularly North Korea.  An attack there could well send the U. S.into the middle of a nuclear conflict involving the U. S.,  South Korea and North Korea.

Q.  Was the missile strike a military success?

A.  According to the Washington Post Syrian planes are already using the air base for attacking plans to take off and bomb civilians in Syria.  Turkey has publicly stated that unless there is follow up the strikes were just cosmetic.  Of course cosmetic is what Trump is all about.  So no, this was political and mostly for show.

Q.  What does the future look like?

A.  No one knows, since Trump has been a diametrically opposed sides on this issue.

Q.  Why did Republicans support Trump when in the same circumstances they would not support Obama?

A.  The basic principle of the Republican party is that they are against anything the Democrats in general and Obama in particular were for, even if they were for it.

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