Thursday, October 10, 2013

Will the President Cave – To Have Negotiations While the Government is Shut Down Would be to Destroy His Presidency and His Credibility

With This President, You Never Know, and That is Part of the Problem

At this moment it looks like the Republicans will pass a short term increase in the debt ceiling and demand negotiations while the government is shut down.  Accepting this would violate the President’s long standing position that he will not negotiate under duress, that he will not hold discussions while the government is closed.

And yet it is entirely possible that the President will indeed go back on his word.  The prospect of even a short term delay in default may cause him to weaken and cave.  If so, his Presidency, his legacy and his credibility are finished.  He is done, he is toast, stick a fork in him, he has reached serving temperature.

Your call Mr. President, your call.

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