Thursday, October 24, 2013

Here’s What Republicans Are Fighting for in Their Battle Against Health Care Reform – Denying Health Care to Millions

A Cause Worth Dying for If You are a Conservative – Well a Cause Worth Letting Poor People Die From Lack of Health Care

As the battle in health care reform shifts to making the Federal web sites work – nobody ever said the Obama Administration was good at that sort of thing – the war against the poor continues in Ohio.  In that state a conservative Republican governor, John Kasich is doing the right thing in accepting the expansion of Medicaid.  And he is using a work around to get around the opposition of his own party.

An obscure Ohio board has approved Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, but a likely legal fight by furious conservatives is looming.

The decision 5-2 by the state “Controlling Board” to back expansion at the urging of Republican Gov. John Kasich would accept billions of federal dollars to extend coverage to an estimated 300,000 poor Ohioans. Kasich pursued a vote of the board after efforts to win over his Republican-led Legislature failed to gain traction.

And here is what conservative Republican are furious about.

If the expansion is upheld, an estimated 300,000 previously uninsured Ohioans could become eligible for Medicaid on Jan. 1. The state would also be in line for billions of dollars in stepped-up Medicaid funding for states that approve expansion.

So yes, the conservative will go to court to try and stop getting health care for 300,000 Ohioans and getting billions of dollars in federal monies.  And if anyone thinks this is the most reprehensible of actions by conservatives, watch Fox News for a while.  That network will highlight a lot of reprehensible actions by conservatives.

And where do the state legislators who are opposing this get their health insurance?  Why from the government of course,  after all they are entitled.

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