Monday, October 14, 2013

The Nation Is In Serious Trouble with the Debt Ceiling and Opening the Federal Government – And the Media Focuses on the Crazies, Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin

And Other Thoughts as the U. S. Stumbles Towards a Temporary Solution

The mainstream media is a major cause of the decline of American political activity which has led to the near paralysis of government.  Instead of focusing on the important issues, both the print and video media have called attention to a few protesters at veterans memorials, protesters led by Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Alaska’s Quitting Governor, Sarah Palin.  What they are doing is not relevant, it is not even newsworthy but the men and women who direct news coverage are just plain clueless.

And speaking of Mr. Cruz, does everybody notice that he is exhibiting the role that all bullies play.  When the going gets tough bullies like Mr. Cruz run and hide.  So no, we don’t see Senator Ted on the news shows still arguing that defunding health care reform is a winning strategy. 

Has there ever been as much whining among any politicians as is now taking place among Republicans who feel disrespected by Democrats.  “Mommy, the President and the Democrats are being mean to me”.

Although everyone is worried that a short term fix would just lead to problems down the road, the opinion here is that once the government is re-opened and the debt ceiling raised there will be no future crises, at least for a couple of years.  Republicans can only play their shutdown/debt ceiling card once, and if they try to play it too close to the 2014 elections then it is difficult to see how that would not bring tremendous condemnation and damage to the Republican brand. 

The deal that looks like it will take place will involve a delay on a tax on medical devices.  Republicans support this, while at the same time saying that the deficit is their main concern.  Rational and consistent thought is not their strength.

And speaking of consistency, aren’t Conservatives the ones who say you should never negotiate with terrorists, never negotiate under the gun.  Guess they don’t follow their own advice.

If the Senate does reach a deal, everyone will sit back and enjoy the spectacle of the House either approving the deal or refusing to vote.  Either way, that is going to be fun to watch.

If the debt ceiling is not raised, exactly how many minutes will it take the Republicans to cave if the government announces that social security payments will be delayed?

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