Thursday, October 3, 2013

Texas Puts People Who Believe That Evolution Theory is Wrong and That the World Was Created According to the Bible on Its Panel to Select Science Texts

And Here’s What’s Coming Next

Those who would impose their religious beliefs on others fear many things, but the thing they fear the most is young people being exposed to education based on facts rather than on faith.  So Conservatives who control Texas want to make sure that their science textbooks approved for high school contain the myth of creationism and not the science of evolution.

As Texas gears up to select biology textbooks for use by high school students over the next decade, the panel responsible for reviewing submissions from publishers has stirred controversy because a number of its members do not accept evolution and climate change as scientific truth.

In the state whose governor, Rick Perry, boasted as a candidate for president that his schools taught both creationism and evolution, the State Board of Education, which includes members who hold creationist views, helped nominate several members of the textbook review panel. Others were named by parents and educators. Prospective candidates could also nominate themselves. The state’s education commissioner, Michael L. Williams, a Perry appointee and a conservative Republican, made the final appointments to the 28-member panel. Six of them are known to reject evolution.

Now this Forum, and probably everyone else believes that the dispute over the reality of the Bible should be taught in the public schools, but that it should be taught in Social Studies classes and used as an illustration of why government and religion should be separated and how theocratic ideas and ideology can destroy religious freedom.

As for using public school texts to promote Conservative ideas, here’s what may well be in the future for Texas and other areas where Conservatives dominate.

Civil Rights:  The KKK is urging schools to teach a balanced view on slavery.  The group said that “Under slavery, the unemployment rate among African Americans was 0% and look where it is today.  Facts like that are not be taught in high school.”

Health:  The opponents of government support for health care want schools to show that faith based healing is just as effective at modern medicine in treating cancer.

Political Science:  The organization Sons of McCarthy want schools to include the list of 217 known communists in the State Department that Senator McCarthy had, and will insist on this list being a part of the curriculum as soon as it can be found.  They also want President Obama listed as a founder of Communism along with Marx and Engels.

Geology:  The members of the group Noah’s Flood for Peace are insisting that any policy description for combating global warning include the option of invoking the Almighty whom they said promised not to visit another Flood of biblical proportions on the people of the world unless they did something utterly evil like electing Democrats.

Economics:  The Heritage Foundation has developed a series of learning tools on how the Federal Income Tax is the work of Satan, and why it should only be imposed on low and middle income people, whose lack of wealth marks them as tools of Satan.

International Studies:  Senator Ted Cruz and his allies who think that the United Nations has a secret plot to destroy golf courses in the United States wish to require that any discussion of France contain the truth about the creation of French Fries and how the French are using that food to undermine the youth of the United States

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