Monday, October 14, 2013

Even When Things Are Outrageous in Washington One Can Always Count of Sarah Palin to Make the Dumbest Statements

Bringing Comedic Relief to a Serious Situation

No one should underestimate the misery that a group of Republicans making about $175,000 a year with government subsidized health care are foisting on ordinary people because those same Republicans want to deny access to health care to ordinary people.  It is serious stuff.  But every crisis needs a buffoon to lighten the atmosphere, and that’s why Sarah Palin was created.

Here is Ms. Palin commented on American government and history, and comically demonstrating her lack of knowledge in each are.

“But Michelle Obama’s really groovy ‘Let’s Move’ video is still up and running because you can’t be chubby,” Ms. Palin said. She also rejected the notion that people should accept the Affordable Care Act because it was passed by Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court.

“They said that about Prohibition,” Ms. Palin said. “But I believe now you can get a beer with your famous New Jersey pizza.”

Well let’s try to set Sarah straight (in the intellectual, not sexual use of the term) admittedly an almost impossible task.  And let’s leave aside the implication that Sarah wants to see obesity and diabetes ravage the land.  See Sarah, prohibition was created by a Constitutional amendment,  so the Supreme court never weighed in on it, never had a role, was not involved.  And prohibition was repealed by another Constitutional amendment, one that passed both houses of Congress unaided by the extortion of shutting down the government or by not raising the debt ceiling. 

Sarah Palin, actual living proof that maybe we need to amend the Constitution to require that those who hold public office have a basic understanding of government.  Now that would be worth risking default for.

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  1. You overlooked the strangest part of Palin's comment. Famous New Jersey pizza?