Friday, October 18, 2013

Sen. Ted Cruz Has Hissy Fit After Losing Debt Ceiling Battle, Blocks Vote on FCC Chairman

What a Petty Little Man

For reasons unknown to us the rules of the Senate allow a single Senator to block a vote on a Presidential nominee.  Senator Ted Cruz (R, Tx) has just lost big time in his battle to destroy the U. S. and world economy unless he got his way on health care reform.  Now in what must surely be a temper tantrum the Senator has used his God given power to prevent the Senate from voting on approving the nominee to head the FCC.

U.S. Senator Cruz blocks confirmation of new FCC chairman

(Reuters) - Republican Senator Ted Cruz, a conservative whose defiant stand against Obamacare helped prompt the U.S. government shutdown, has blocked the Senate from voting on the nomination of Tom Wheeler to be Federal Communications Commission chairman.
The Senate was scheduled to vote on Wheeler, a Democrat and telecom industry veteran, late on Wednesday. Cruz held up the vote over questions about the FCC's power to enforce disclosures of who sponsors political television advertising.
"The Senator is holding the nominee until he gets answers to his questions regarding Mr. Wheeler's views on whether the FCC has the authority or intent to implement the requirements of the failed Congressional DISCLOSE Act," said Cruz spokesman Sean Rushton, referring to a failed bill meant to step up political disclosures.

Now there will be many people who will say that Mr. Cruz is really unfit to serve in the U. S. Senate (a Texas newspaper just took back its endorsement of him in the 2012 election, like that would change anything) but this Forum feels otherwise.  The more publicity Mr. Cruz gets the more people can see what he really is.  And that will do more to take down Mr. Cruz than anything anyone can say or do.

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