Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Nation Needs to Have the Default on Its Obligations – More Than It Does Not Need It

The Least Worse Solution to the Political Crisis Engulfing the United States

It is becoming more and more difficult to believe that President Obama will not fold and agree to at least some of the demands of the Republicans in order to allow an increase in the debt ceiling and avoid a default on the nation’s debt and a near complete shutdown of the Federal government.  The entire Republican strategy was based on the President caving, and with good reason, he has caved repeatedly in the past.

But now it appears that the only way to convince Republicans that they cannot win by extortion is to allow the government to default.  Yes there may be terrible consequences, and yes the suffering of millions could have been avoided by responsible action on the part of the Republican party.  But since the Republicans will only be convinced by suffering through the consequences of their actions, they need to suffer through the consequences of their actions.

If not now, when, if not us, who?

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