Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Conservatives Argue They Would Win Elections if The Republicans Just Nominated True Blue Conservatives – Turns Out Not to Be True

In Virginia Ken Cuccinelli Runs From Conservatives Positions and in Utah Hard Line Conservative Mike Lee is Losing Support

The lifestyle that is the hallmark of modern extreme conservatism has to exist in a world of unreality.  Only by denying what is happening in the real world can hard line conservatives survive.  When forced to confront reality, their positions and beliefs are shattered.

One of their most cherished beliefs is that America will embrace Tea Party doctrinaire conservatism when candidates openly embrace those values.  Reality is that when rabid conservatives actually exhibit their values, Americans run like hell.  Cases in point are Virginia’s hard line conservative Ken Cuccinelli, running for Governor and Utah’s Senator Mike Lee.  Both are plummeting in support as voters realize what they are.

In Virginia Mr. Cuccinelli has spent the entire campaign trying to hide his hard line past.  But his opponent, Democrat Terry McAuliffe has had the money to expose Mr. Cuccinelli.  As a result Cuccinelli is losing in the polls, and even in his stronghold area of southwest Virginia he is losing support.

WISE, Va. — Amid the struggling businesses and flattened mountaintops strip-mined decades ago, antipathy toward Democrats and what’s known in this region as their “war on coal” is stronger than just about anywhere else in the country.

That has translated naturally into broad opposition to Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate for governor this year. But across the coal fields of far-southwest Virginia, something unusual is also happening: Voters don’t like the Republican candidate, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II, much better.

In Utah ultra radical Senator Mike Lee has stood side by side with Texas Senator Ted Cruz in shutting down the government.  This has led to a big drop in his popularity in Utah and to talk of getting him out of the Senate via a primary next time he runs.

. . . Lee’s approval ratings in Utah have cratered, and prominent Republicans and local business executives are openly discussing the possibility of mounting a primary challenge against him. Top Republicans are also maneuvering to redesign the party’s nomination system in a way that would likely make it more difficult for Lee to win reelection in 2016.

So yes, hard line conservatism is like any other political disease, it cannot flourish in the harsh glow of reality sunlight.  And if the print and broadcast media ever go back to doing their job and reporting what these people really think and believe, that sunlight will cleanse the nation of this awful scourge.

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  1. Maybe people are waking up to the fact that hardline conservatism is harmful to business interests. Fiscally conscious Republicans should not want to vote for those who favor shutting down the government and needlessly inflicting billions of dollars of losses on the economy.