Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Conservative Values Know No National or Ocean Boundaries – U. S. Conservative Attitudes Cross the Ocean to Britain

British Conservatives Want to Kick Gay Member of Parliament Out of His Seat

The animosity, okay the hatred that conservatives in the United States have for the gay and lesbian community is well known and well documented.  What none of us knew, or even suspected is that this vile behavior may affect all English speaking conservatives.  It certainly has infected a part of the British Conservative Party.

Tories seeking to oust Blunt 'don’t want a gay MP’

Crispin Blunt, the Conservative MP for Reigate, has been told to reapply for his parliamentary seat amid claims that local Tories want to oust him because he came out as a homosexual after the last election.

Here’s some more details.

Mr Blunt made headlines just months after the 2010 election when he announced that he had separated from his wife so that he could “come to terms with his homosexuality”.

Conservative sources on Thursday night said that his relationships with some local Tories were left “beyond repair” following the disclosures about his sexuality.
“Some people became reconciled to it and were understanding,” a source said. “But some people were not and were unhappy.”

Dr Ben Mearns, a former Tory councillor in Reigate, said: “The reason I believe the association would not reselect him was based on his sexuality.

Gosh what a wonderful group of people, and everyone should get to know them today before they all end up in the trashcan of history, where they belong. (and to be fair here, British Prime Minister and Leader of the British Conservatives David Cameron is a huge supporter of equal rights for the gay community, including marriage equality). 

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