Tuesday, October 15, 2013

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is Very Unhappy, Very Upset

And in His Words, Very Dangerous

What You Gonna Do Lindsey, Start Another War?

The Republican Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham is unhappy.  He says its about the problems over funding the government and raising the debt ceiling.

Sen. Lindsey Graham is angry. He’s frustrated. He’s upset. In his own words, he’s “very dangerous.”

Wow, now Lindsey Graham is one of America’s most gung ho war mongers, and he is also probably still furious that the United States has not gone to war in _________(pick you favorite Middle East conflict) and even more furious that Syria appears to be destroying its chemical weapons without the United States invading (a story the media is nicely ignoring, fearful of conservative criticism for accurate reporting).

So what does a “dangerous” Lindsey Graham do, what drastic action is he going to take?  Well he apparently intends to screw up the whole country, and the Congress with it.

“I am going to look at offering the Vitter language on anything that comes out of the Senate,” Graham told reporters. “If we’re going to screw up the whole country, we might as well throw ourselves in the mix.”

Graham had just come off the Senate floor where at least 15 senators huddled in bipartisan group discussing the current state of play and how to break the deadlock.

“There were how many, 15 people? There were 13 ideas,” Graham joked. “Two guys didn’t have an idea. They were the smart ones. They were the ones that kept their mouths shut.”

And what next?

Graham then excused himself to go home and watch a football game.

Ok Lindsey, you really got us scared, please don’t watch two football games, we don’t think the country could take that kind of vicious anger.

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