Monday, October 28, 2013

How Exactly Does Wearing Pink Fight Breast Cancer, And Other Cantankerous Questions and Observations

America Slouches Towards Ultimate Stupidity

With no debt default or government shutdown to occupy one’s thoughts, one is now allowed to muse on the lesser events of the day.

  1. For some reason people seem to think that wearing pink will reduce the incidence and impact of breast cancer.  Of course wearing pink will really do is increase the monies taken in by the people who produce the pink products and who take in contributions.  What would really help reduce the impact of breast cancer would be the use of all those expenses and profits in publicizing pink to actually fight breast cancer.  Does anyone know how much the salaries and benefits of the executive management of groups like the Susan G. Komen Foundation care? 

  1. Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal and others are all celebrating over their conclusion that health care reform is a political disaster for the Democrats.  Exactly why that translates into the lowest ratings for Republican since polling began is unexplained, and may inexplicable in their minds. And even though the Virginia Republican Gubernatorial candidate is making opposition to the plan a center piece of his campaign (never mind that this is not a state issue) he is long in the polls.  Political disaster is in the mind of the hopefuls.

  1. The national press is doing a nice job of neglecting the success of the Obama administration policy in getting Syria to destroy their chemical weapons.  Admittedly the policy was the result of fumbling, stumbling and bumbling, but it appears that Syria will have cooperated in the destruction of its chemical warfare.  Of course were the press to accurately report the situation would just leave them open to charges of bias by conservatives.  In fact almost all accurate reporting is viewed as biased by conservatives.

  1. Mr. Romney and Ms. Palin were some of the leading critics of the Obama energy policy.  How’s the price of gasoline in your area?

  1. Is it fair to characterize Texas Senator Ted Cruz as Sarah Palin with a law degree? And if it is unfair, is it unfair to Senator Cruz or to Ms. Palin?

  1. Health care reform is working in some areas.  Anybody see any stories about that in the national news?  Anybody?

  1. The Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia is so toxic that the conservative Richmond Times Dispatch refused to endorse anyone in the race and the conservative newspaper in Charlottesville endorsed the current Lieutenant Governor, a person who is not even in the race or on the ballot.

  1. The most important race in Virginia, assuming the Democrat Terry McAuliffe is going to win is the race for Attorney General. If Democrats were to win that race along with the Lt. Gov’s race and the Governor’s race it would be stark evidence that no, hard line conservatives don’t win in competitive elections.  That lesson will be lost on hard line conservatives who will argue the loss was because their candidates were not hard line conservative enough.  For example, none of the state wide candidates endorsed stoning to death for adultery (women only of course).

  1. Chris Christie’s strategy of wining big in New Jersey looks like it will succeed.  This then leaves only his final step, a series of non-stop vitriolic attack on Mr. Obama as the implementation of his strategy to win the Republican nomination.  The date those attacks start is the starting date of Mr. Christie’s campaign.

  1. Contrary to what everyone reads, the major problem with the U. S. economy is not the deficit.  The major problem is that the deficit is coming down too fast.

  1. Republicans,  who hate government workers, just gave them two weeks off with pay.

  1. Finally, people like Ted Cruz are talking about shutting down the government again, this time after the first of the year.  The secret response from Democrats, “Please, pretty please, do so Mr. Cruz”.

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