Friday, October 11, 2013

Are Public Employee Unions Just Deliberately Trying to Self Destruct? - Boston School Bus Drivers Walk Off and Leave Children Stranded

Public Employee Unions – Their Own Worst Enemy

The Republican party and Conservatives have declared war on public employee unions.  Now there is reason to think that public employee unions have declared war on public employee unions.

School Bus Drivers in Boston Stop Work, Surprising the City

BOSTON — School bus drivers infuriated parents and city officials on Tuesday morning with a surprise work stoppage that left thousands of the city’s 57,000 schoolchildren stranded at home or at bus stops.

The stoppage appeared to have been set off in a roundabout way by the shutdown of the federal government. The bus drivers’ union had lodged several complaints with the National Labor Relations Board. But after union members discovered Monday that the board was not operating and could not hear their grievances, drivers said, they decided on the spur of the moment Tuesday to walk off the job — with no notice to city or school officials.

This is beyond stupidity.  It is downright intolerable and if public employee unions continue to suffer and if hard line conservatives continue to make gains at the expense of public employee unions then the unions themselves have only themselves to blame.

One wants to support public employees, they do great service for relatively little rewards, particularly in education and law enforcement.  But they make it so hard to support them.

There is no right to endanger children, no right, under no circumstances, never.  

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  1. Fire every bus driver that did this, and press charges for child endangerment, and any Union official that knew about this beforehand, charge them with conspiracy.