Thursday, October 3, 2013

George Will Goes Home – Faux Conservative Goes to Faux Fox News

What Took Him So Long?

ABC News and the country got some good news today as it was announced that Washington Post so-called conservative commentator George Will would leave ABC and go to Fox News(?).

 After more than 30 years as a commentator for ABC News, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George Will is heading to Fox News Channel.

The cable news network announced Tuesday that it has hired the conservative voice and author as its latest contributor, where he will offer analysis and commentary across daytime and primetime programming -- includingSpecial Report With Bret Baier and Fox News Sunday.

On ABC news Mr. Will actually had an audience that was composed of normal people, while on Fox News(?) he will be talking only to crazies.  But Mr. Will apparently has sold out for the money and the fawning, but maybe once he is actually exposed to what people who watch Fox News(?) really believe he will come to regret this.  As for ABC, when that happens their message should be straight forward,


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