Friday, October 25, 2013

Memo to Jeff Bezoz: Now That You Bought the Washington Post Please, Please Can George Will

His Column on Third Parties Reaches a New Low – A Difficult Task for George Will

Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos has just closed on the purchase of the Washington Post.  He bought it for petty cash (for him) about $200 million.  Yeah, $200 million for a newspaper losing tens of millions.  An ego trip for Mr. Bezos, not an investment.

But supposedly Mr. Bezos wants his venture to be a success.  So here’s some free advice.  Even if you keep all of the other would be conservatives who are trying to turn the Washington Post into the Wall Street Journal light get rid of George Will.  Mr. Will more than any other writer is driving readers of all political persuasion from the Post.

And now George Will has reached a new low.  Writing about third parties, and finding conservative Ken Cuccinelli, the rabid conservative Republican running for Governor of Virginia too objectionable (which says volumes about Mr. Cuccinelli, even George Will cannot stand him) Mr. Will says this.

At the national level, the most potent third-party candidates have had vivid personalities and burning issues: Theodore Roosevelt in 1912, taming corporations;Strom Thurmond in 1948, asserting regional grievances relating to race; George Wallace in 1968, venting class and cultural resentments; Ross Perot in 1992, shrinking the federal deficit. Sarvis is more bemused than burning.

Read that again.  Strom Thurmond running on the issue of “regional grievances relating to race”  Good grief!!  Strom Thurmond ran the racist ticket, on the segregationist ticket, on the premise the African Americans were inferior human beings that did not deserve to have voting rights, the right to discrimination free housing and employment, or even the right to not be lynched.  And Mr. Will thinks that is what constitutes “grievances relating to race”.

Frequently there are comments about people like George Will that say he is “beyond contempt”.  In this case he is certainly beyond the ability of this Forum to reach the level of contempt that Mr. Will deserves.  Your turn Jeff Bezos, your turn.

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