Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Financial Times Reports That China is Upset Over the Price of Starbucks Coffee

But Here’s a Simple Solution

U. S. coffee giant Starbucks has entered the market in China, and according to a report in the Financial Times this has the Chinese population rather upset.

Servers help customers at a Starbucks store in Beijing, China
Skip it China, just skip it
We do

But Starbucks has now been thrust into an uncomfortable spotlight. China Central Television (CCTV), the official state broadcaster, has accused it of gouging consumers by charging about a third more than in the US. Its report, aired on Sunday, followed critiques of Starbucks in Chinese newspapers over the past week.

Now the Chinese are very smart people, but apparently they need a little help here.  So here is the solution to their problem.

Don’t buy coffee from Starbucks if you are unhappy with the price.

Ok China, no need to thank us, just trying to do our part for international relations.  We understand that you having been a Communist country and are new to capitalism you may not understand how it works yet.

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