Friday, October 4, 2013

FBI Arrests the Dread Pirate Roberts – Government Shutdown is Worse Than Anyone Thought

G Men Reduced to Arresting Fictional Movie Character

This is not from The Onion.  It is apparently a real news story and probably more serious than this Post would indicate, but heck, we all need some comic relief at this time..

A Bitcoin libertarian disaster: The Silk Road gets busted

The FBI announces the arrest of a man believed to be the online criminal mastermind Dread Pirate Roberts

A nuclear bomb just exploded in the world of Bitcoin libertarianism. The FBI has busted the Silk Road, the online black market emporium in which nearly anything illicit imaginable could be purchased — but only via the Bitcoin crypto-currency. On Wednesday, the FBI arrested Ross Ulbricht, aka “Dread Pirate Roberts,” a man they believe to be the founder and chief operator of the site, on charges of narcotics trafficking, computer hacking and money laundering. The criminal complaint filed by the FBI also alleges that Ulbricht solicited a “murder-for-hire” hit on another Silk Road user who was attempting to extort Ulbricht.

Ted Cruz chalks up another victim, if the FBI can't be funded they can at least catch the Dread Pirate Roberts!

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