Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Republican Party Has Fallen So Low That Even a Person Like New York Rep. Representative Peter King Makes Has to Make a Rational Statement About His Comrades

In Praise of Mr. King - Something This Forum Thought It Would Never Do

As the debate on whether or not to shut down the Federal government because Republicans cannot win at the ballot box on the issue of health care reform continued, there was a remarkable statement from New York Republican House member Peter King.  Mr. King is usually the typical conservative blowhard, but this time he actually sums up the situation exactly right.

Rep. King - As good a statement
as can be made on the current
debate in Washington

Mr. King himself said he had voted against the Obama health care overhaul at every opportunity, then voted to repeal it, and thinks it’s a law that ought to be undone.

“But I also believe in democracy, and I don’t mean that in a Fourth of July way,” he said. “We’ve lost on the House floor, we lost on the Senate floor, the president signed the bill, the Supreme Court held it to be constitutional, and the 2012 election was run on Obamacare as much as any issue. President Obama won.

“I still think we should try to repeal the bill. But you repeal it the same way you passed it. You get bills through both houses of Congress, and you get the president to sign it. The only way we are going to do that is by electing more Republicans and winning the presidential election.”

Gosh yes, that’s the way the government works, that’s the way the Constitution says it should work.  But since most Republicans believe in the Constitution only when it favors them they do need to be reminded by statements like this about it.

Thanks Mr. King, kudos.

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