Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bill Gates – Great Philanthropist – Clueless on the Problems of Microsoft Operating Systems

Look Bill – The Ctrl/Alt/Del Issue is the Least of Your Software Problems

Sometimes the people closest to the problem are the ones most oblivious and clueless about the problem.  Such appears to be the case with Bill Gates, who recently commented on how requiring the pressing of the three keys to log in to software was a mistake.

Ever get annoyed that you have to hit three buttons — control, alt and delete — to log in to Windows? You’re not the only one, and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has now gone on-record to say that the keyboard combination was a “mistake.”

Gates made the comments over the weekend at a Harvard University interview posted to the school’s YouTube channel Monday, that has picked up steam throughout the week. The full, nearly hour-long interview, conducted for a school fundraising event, makes for excellent viewing if you’re interested in Gates, his time at Microsoft and his current endeavors. But the part of the talk that’s getting the most attention is definitely Gates’ admission that ctrl-alt-delete isn’t exactly ideal.

Really Bill, you think the three key log in requirement is a big issue with Windows?  Really?  What about the fact that the software is vulnerable to any virus program made by a six year old?  What about the fact that the software regularly crashes?  What about the fact that the programs need constant updates?  What about the fact that each new version is more difficult to use, more error prone, more unintuitive and more of a problem than the last one.

Hey Bill, tell your friends at Microsoft to fix all the real problems and we will happily give you a pass on the Ctrl/Alt/Del issue.  Really, we will be happy to, trust us.  And stick to using your time to giving away your billions, you are very good at it and the world is greatly appreciative.  Keep bringing up Windows and the applause will grind to a halt faster than getting the Message "Windows has encountered a problem and has to shut down".  

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