Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Reason Why Conservatives Love Newly Appointed South Carolina Senator Tim Scott

He Believes in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Lower Tax Rates Result in Higher Tax Revenue

When South Carolina Republican Senator Jim DeMint left the Senate for the high paying obscurity as the head of a partisan think tank Rep. Tim Scott was appointed to take his place.

Mr. Scott will now be showcased by the Republicans, because he is an African American and they want to try and show Americans they have nothing against African Americans.  Of course, the fact that they have to showcase Mr. Scott raises the question about whether or not even they believe they are a color blind party.

But now we know, from the powder puff interview the Wall Street Journal conducts every Saturday that Mr. Scott has a severe case of the “fantasies”.  That disease affects Conservatives and prevents them from considering reality. In the case of Mr. Scott it is the totally repudiated view that cutting taxes increase government revenue.  Here is Mr. Scott.

He will introduce the "Rising Tide Tax Reform Act," which would lower corporate taxes to 23% and allow for permanent repatriation of foreign earnings back into the U.S. "On the personal tax code," he says, "I like the plan of lowering the tax rate so that we can increase the revenue."

That’s okay Sen. Scott.  We all would like to say that lowering tax rates produces more revenues.  And all of us would like it even more if it were just true.

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