Monday, January 14, 2013

Conservative Proposals to Train and Arm Teachers for Combat Leads to Changes in Education Degree Programs

Two Years of Actual Combat to Be Required in Place of Student Teaching

News That Didn’t Happen, But Could and Maybe Will

An announcement by Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst is that he, and presumably the entire GOP establishment in Texas want to train teachers in the art of using weapons in the classroom.

David Dewhurst is pictured. | AP Photo
Dewhurst said school districts would nominate who they wanted to carry weapons. | AP Photo
AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst called Friday for state-funded, specialized firearms training for teachers and administrators to guard against school shootings.

Dewhurst, a Republican, said school districts would nominate who they wanted to carry weapons on campus. The training would be more extensive than what is currently required for a Texas concealed handgun license and include how to react technically and emotionally in an active shooter situation.

In a related development, the regents of the University of Texas have decided to drastically revise the requirements for a B. A. in Education.  Going forward every graduate will have had to have at least two years training and actual experience in hand to hand combat, sniper shooting at real live targets (Islamists, Gays, Illegal Immigrants and California Democrats) and fast draw ala John Wayne.  While actual killing will not be a requirement for the degree, wounding at least three adults and ownership of at least four automatic weapons with 300 load magazine clips will be required.

Existing teachers will have four years in which to get certified as a Assassin Grade marksmen and markswomen.  This requirement will be waived for any teacher or school administrator who presents evidence of actually shooting a suspected intruder into school property.

New laws will grant immunity to all teachers and administrators who kill or wound inappropriately, that is, people who were on school property for legitimate business and not armed or dangerous  but were shot anyway.

"What could go wrong with this?" Texas Republicans have asked.

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