Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Charles Krauthammer Uses His Column As a Advertisement for Republicans – Abandons All Sense of Integrity

Conservative Washington Post Columnists Just Becoming Republican Shills

The Washington Post is a financial disaster, the Wall Street Journal makes a lot of money.  So in the last several years the Post has tried to emulate the Journal and bring blatant Republican advocates on board as so-called ‘opinion’ writers.  The most egregious of these is Jennifer Rubin, who essentially just functioned as a conduit for the Romney campaign.

For a long time Charles Krauthammer served as an intelligent and witty commentator, but with the election of Mr. Obama he just went full force Republican advocate and full time Obama hater.  His most recent column is a good example of how pure partisan beliefs are driving his thinking.  He just spends his valuable space telling Republicans how to govern.  Unfortunately he doesn’t do that very well.

The big dilemma facing the House was how to handle the debt ceiling.

The more prudent course would be to find some offer that cannot be refused, a short-term trade-off utterly unassailable and straightforward. For example, offer to extend the debt ceiling through, say, May 1, in exchange for the Senate delivering a budget by that date — after four years of lawlessly refusing to produce one.

and Mr. Krauthamer suggested what the House ultimately did.  How has that played out for Republicans?  No one cares if the Senate passes a budget, the government seems to function quite nicely without one.  And no, the House cannot tell the Senate what to do, really, they can’t under our Constitution, something one would think a renown Conservative would know.

And despite evidence to the contrary from the election, Mr. Krauthammer still believes the country wants Conservative ideology.

Want to save the Republic? Win the next election. Don’t immolate yourself trying to save liberalism from itself. If your conservative philosophy is indeed right, winning will come.

Really Mr. Krauthammer, do you even know the outcome of the last election happened in the last election? 

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