Friday, January 4, 2013

Stock Market Up for 4th Straight Year – Under President Obama

If He is a Marxist/Leninist He is Very Bad at It

And Here's a Definition of a Wall Street Conservative

The stock market, as measured by the Down Jones Industrial Average has had this performance since Barack Obama was inaugurated as President

Jan. 20, 2009     DJIA 8220

Year End 2009  DJIA 10548

Year End 2010  DJIA 11577

Year End 2011  DJIA 12217

Year End 2012  DJIA 13104

Yes, every year the stock market has gone up.  And this year, 2012 Wall Street denizens overwhelmingly supported Mitt Romney.  This leads to the following.

Wall Street Conservative (def) – a person who would rather lose money and have a Republican President than make money and have a Democratic President.

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  1. But if McCain had won the election, the Dow would be at 1 million today.