Sunday, January 13, 2013

Another Example of How the Smallest of Issues Inflame International Relations – Britain and Argentina’s Continual Conflict Over the Falkland Islands

 Good Grief People – They Are Just Not That Important

Under Prime Minister Thatcher Britain went to war, briefly, with Argentina over the issue of who owns/controls/cares about the Falkland Islands.  And the issue continues to be a contentious and visible one in both countries.

The British government is aware of at least a dozen incidents on international liners or cruise liner offices over the past two months, The Daily Telegraph has learned.

Ministers today condemned the unprecedented wave of “blackmail” and "intimidation" on innocent passenger liners caught up Falkland Islands row and called on militants to “allow cruise ships to travel without threats or hindrance".

“We condemn unequivocally any efforts to intimidate companies from pursuing their lawful business,” said Hugo Swire, the Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs minister.

“The British government deeply regrets that elements in Argentina have recently taken action aimed at disrupting cruise ships that visit the Falklands.”

Amid growing anger in London, the British Government last month “formally summoned” the Argentine Ambassador Alicia Castro to protest against the incidents.

Britain is in the midst of an economic decline, and Argentina’s economy is suffering from the growing incompetence of its government along with the long term hangover of its default on its debt.  This entire issue means nothing to the peace and prosperity of either country. 

Give it a rest people, and get to the important stuff if you don’t mind. Otherwise the grownups are going to take the Falkland Islands away from both of you and you will not be allowed to play with them anymore.

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