Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lord Northampton, Lady Northampton Agree on Divorce – She Gets 17 million pounds – He Gets to Keep Most of His Fortune - The Transhumanist Gets the Girl

Comic Relief in the Time of Winter Stress

Assuming that the British Newspaper the Telegraph is not an off-shoot of The Onion we have this wonderful story about a love triangle in Britain that has now been settled with a divorce.  Here are the players and some highlights.

the 7th Marquess of Northampton has called a truce with his soon-to-be ex-wife. The divorce – prompted by Lady (Pamela) Northampton’s affair with a Romanian multi-millionaire – will cost him in the region of £17million.

Lady Northampton, 61, will receive a £4million apartment in Pimlico in central London as well as cash and possessions worth about £13million.

Well let’s hope she can live on that.  And Who is Lord Northampton?  Well to us he is just plain ‘Spenny’.

Lord Northampton, born Spencer Compton and known as “Spenny” to friends, is one of Britain’s most colourful aristocrats, once dubbed the “Mystic Marquess” for his fascination with Freemasonry and spirituality.

And Mrs. Spenny, just a regular gal who hit the marital jackpot.

Lady Northampton, born Pamela Haworth, is from altogether more humble stock, having been born into a working-class family in Lancashire.

And the Romanian (why are they always Romanian?) lover, well he’s quite a generous fellow and is a transhumanist, a state we all aspire to.  Even gave the Northamptons the gift of genome mapping.

Dr Stoicescu, who lives beside Lake Geneva in Switzerland and made his money through a pharmaceutical business, describes himself as a “transhumanist”, convinced life can be “extended through nanotechnology and artificial intelligence”.

He became only the second person to have his genome mapped, at a cost of £220,000, and later paid for Lord and Lady Northampton to go through the process. 

And of course there is the usual appearance of recorded conversations, this time with a nice twist.

The couple also became embroiled in a separate privacy action, now ended, over secret recordings of Lady Northampton’s phone conversations, discussing her private life with her 87-year-old father.

Bizarrely, the recordings were made by her stepmother, a hairdresser from Staines in Middlesex, and passed on to Lord Northampton.

Well, there you have it.  Personally we’d like to hear the story of the 87 year old father and his hairdresser wife, we bet it’s a doozy.

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  1. And he has now married a 52 years old ex air stewardess, a younger variation of his ex wife! Lucky girl!