Wednesday, January 23, 2013

If the Confederates Had Reacted to Losing the Civil War the Same Way Republicans Have Reacted to Losing the 2012 Election . . .

Here is What Might Have Happened.

The whining and excuse making of the defeated Republican Party has reached its full crescendo with President Obama’s Inaugural Address.  For months Republicans have complained that Mr. Obama has not been nice to them, and now they are astounded, just astounded that he want to govern on the issues he was re-elected on. 

To illustrate how this works out historically, the following is an actual news report from Richmond in April of 1865 after General Lee surrendered to General Grant at Appomattox.  (ok, maybe ‘actual’ is not the completely correct word here.)

Pseudo President Jefferson Davis Calls
for President Lincoln to Bring the Country
Together by Retaining Slavery

Abolishing Slavery Would “Misrepresent the
 Meaning of the Civil War” Says Mr. Davis – Threatens
To Not Lift the Debt Ceiling if Slavery Does Not

Richmond – April 15, 1865.  So called Confederate President Jefferson Davis today denounced President Lincoln for not allowing the Confederates to keep their slaves following the agreement to totally surrender and cease their war against the United States.  Pseudo President Davis had petitioned the White House to allow southerners to keep their slaves as evidence of goodwill on the part of the Union states and President Lincoln.

I call upon Mr. Lincoln to uphold his pledge to bring the country together by allowing every African American residing in the former Confederate states to be a slave, including any who were set free.  Only by recognizing that a minority of the country favors slavery and retaining the institution can President Lincoln truly bring America back together.

Pseudo President Davis said later that he understood that the South had lost the war, and that the Constitution now prohibited slavery, but he commented that the initial version of the Constitution did not outlaw slavery and that in fact he was sure the it was the intent of the Founding Fathers that slavery would last forever. 

As my good friend and great jurist, Chief Justice of the Confederate Supreme Court Colonel Ebenezer Scalia has said, the United States must follow the original intent of the Constitution even if it has been amended, and that, as the only person who really knows what the Constitution means Justice Scalia insists that slavery continue despite any no good liberals who want to abolish slavery by amending the Constitution.

Even worse, according to Pseudo President Davis is that the North has disrespected the South, and has not been acting apologetic to Southerners.  He lamented the fact that the post Civil War programs of the victorious North did not provide for adoption of the Confederate Constitution, and that many in the Lincoln administration said mean things about the Confederacy.

The victorious North did announce that in the future military bases in the South would be named for defeated Confederate generals, an announcement that stunned many in the North who wanted to know what country ever named anything after the generals that it had defeated.

On a positive note, 'Fightin Johnnie McCain', was expected to return to the U. S. Senate during Reconstruction and continue his crusade for the U. S. to declare war on Canada, Mexico, Bolivia, Spain, Austria, Egypt and Iran.  The soon-to-be Senator had said that now that the Civil War was over the U. S. had a moral obligation to continue warring against other nations.

"Only a protracted land war in Asia would be more successful in bringing the nation together" Fightin Johnnie said.


  1. I clearly remember that when Ronald Reagan was elected President that the liberal press and activists whined that he was now President to ALL of the people and needed to represent the interests of those who voted against him like he represents those who supported his message. Yeah, like the Democrats ever did it.

  2. @Woody

    We all agree that political parties act in a partisan manner (See Virginia's Senate Republicans in their little redistricting move) but c'mon, you got admit this was kind of a clever post.