Friday, January 25, 2013

Mitt Romney (Remember Him?) is Coming Out of Seclusion and Going to Washington

And For the Obvious Reason

(Be sure and see the update posted tomorrow)

There is a theory in economics called ‘revealed preference’ which in its simplest form suggests that one can determine a person’s economic priorities from their behavior.  For example, there is  Katie Couric the former anchor of the CBS Evening News.  Ms. Couric was not a newsperson, at least in the opinion of many people and looking at her post CBS career, where she chose to be an afternoon talk show host just confirms that.

This brings us to Mitt Romney, the former Republican nominee for the Presidency.  Mr. Romney is resurfacing on a trip to Washington.  Is this the long awaited re-entry into public life by Mr. Romney, where he will comment in detail on public policy?  Well, no.

Mitt Romney is pictured. | AP Photo
Romney will attend a luncheon in his honor at the J.W. Marriott.

Mitt Romney may not have attended President Obama’s second inauguration on Monday but he’s returning to Washington on Friday.

The former GOP presidential candidate will attend a luncheon in his honor at the J.W. Marriott, according to the National Journal.

Yep, classic Mitt.  His first act after the election was to go on a corporate board.  Now he returns to Washington not to re-enter the public arena, just to be toasted by his wealthy base. 

But then, the whole race for Mitt Romney was really not about the Republican party, or policy positions anyway, it was just about Mitt..  

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