Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Checking On Karl Rove’s Predictions for 2012 – Is this Guy the Biggest Fool on the Wall Street Journal Editorial Page?

Hard to Say – The Competition is Really Tough

About a year ago former Bush adviser Karl Rove, the one who refuses to believe that Ohio went for President Obama made a series of predictions.  And he said

Predicting the future is always dangerous but conservatives believe in accountability, so let's see how well I do a year from now.

Mr. Rove got some things right, for example he predicted Republicans would hold the House, which they did.  Of course that was not the most difficult prediction in the universe given the highly successful gerrymandering they did, but let’s give credit where credit is due, after all this Forum predicted that Texas Gov. Rick Perry would be a credible Presidential candidate.

But a lot of what Mr. Rove predicted was really wishful thinking and kind of silly.  For example

 Republicans will take the U.S. Senate. Of the 23 Democratic seats up in 2012, there are at least five vulnerable incumbents (Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Pennsylvania): The GOP takes two or three of these.

Wrong, dead wrong.  Well they would have had a chance if they had not nominated idiots in several of those races.  Even Mr. Rove could not have forecast that event, although we are talking Republicans here.

And then there was this.

 Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Harry Reid or both will leave the Democratic leadership by the end of 2012. 

Actually we sorta wish he was right on this one.

Mr. Rove failed to understand how much money Mr. Obama could raise.

Despite an extraordinary amount of presidential time and involvement, Team Obama will fall as much as $200 million short of its $1 billion combined fund-raising target for the campaign and Democratic National Committee.

And while he was right about the race card being played, he was wrong about which side would play it. 

To intimidate critics and provoke higher black turnout, Democrats will play the race card more than in any election since 1948. 

Yes, everyone including this Forum is trying to forget the ugly racial slurs uttered by Republicans during the campaign.

The great thing about Mr. Rove, he is incapable of learning.  Just recently he complimented Speaker of the House John Boehner on his leadership in getting that Plan B passed by the House and putting the White House on the defensive.

 Only one problem there . . . 

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