Friday, January 11, 2013

Remember in the Presidential Campaign How Republicans Said They Were the Party of Reducing Dependence on Foreign Oil?

President Obama Already Did It

The distortions that take place in a political campaign are supposed to be corrected by a free and open and unaffiliated press, but in the United States the press has been cowered into fear of Conservatives.  Whenever the press reports the facts that do not support the Conservative’s positions, the Conservatives immediately cry ‘bias’.  Of course that’s true, facts are biased against Conservatives

Case in point is oil importation and energy independence.  Remember ‘Drill baby drill’, the mantra of Republicans in the 2008 campaign.  They said Democrats were against increasing America’s energy independence because Democrats did not want to destroy the environment everywhere with off shore drilling everywhere.    Conservation and alternative energy sources wouldn’t work they said.

Of course, they were wrong then and they are wrong today.   From the Financial Times

January 8, 2013 11:50 pm

US oil imports to fall to lowest in 25 years

Gosh that can’t be right, it is certainly not being reported on Fox News.  No, it is being reported in responsible (foreign) news sources.

US crude production hit a low point of 5m b/d in 2008, but rebounded to 6.43m last year and is expected by the EIA to rise to almost 8m in 2014.

As for Sarah Palin (remember her, miss her anyone?) she is celebrating the energy renaissance by blissful quietude on the subject.  Thanks Sarah, and feel free to continue celebrating that way in the future.

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