Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Republican Former Senator from Massachusetts Scott Brown is Not Only a Useful Idiot,

He Also Appears to be a Real Idiot

Thanks to President Obama’s stupid decision to appoint Massachusetts Senator John Kerry as Secretary of State, a Senate seat in Massachusetts will open up an opportunity for former Republican Senator Scott Brown to return to the Senate.  Senator Brown is the very personification of a ‘useful idiot’, a person who is being used, in this case by Republicans, and doesn’t even know he is being used.  The only reason Republicans tolerated Mr. Brown was because his vote could be counted on when they needed it.  Otherwise he was just ignored.  If he returns to the Senate he will continue to be ignored.

Mr. Brown has yet not indicated that he will want to run again, but all signs indicate that he will and he would then resume his role as a Republican toady in the Senate.  And now it appears that in addition to being a useful idiot, Mr. Brown is a real idiot.  Consider this remark he made about his probable Democratic opponent, Congressman Ed Markey.

Asked when Brown will announce his candidacy, he said: “I’ll tell you what, they’re making it awfully tempting. You got Ed Markey — does he still live there?” said Brown, who has not decided whether to enter the race.

In the News Talk 96.9 interview, Brown said, “You got to check the travel records. I’ve come back and forth every weekend almost for three years, and I see most of the delegation. I’ve never seen Ed on the airplane, ever.”

Wow, Mr. Brown has never seen Ed Markey on the plane when Mr. Brown was on the plane.  Uh Scott, this may be news to you but there are a number of flights from Washington to Boston, and even a nice high speed (sort of) rail.  But in your world if you haven’t seen Mr. Markey on the plane you are on, gosh that must mean he has never gone back to Boston.

Wait a minute, if you have never seen Mr. Market then Mr. Markey has never seen you on the plane, meaning you never went back to the state you were representing.  Maybe you don’t live in Massachusetts anymore.  Yeah, that’s a good explanation.

What a moron.

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