Monday, January 28, 2013

Democrats Continue on Their Road to Losing the Senate in 2014

Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin The Next To Leave – Only Hope for Democrats Is . . .

For reasons beyond comprehension of anyone who has the slightest knowledge of politics, President Obama and the Democrats seem intent on losing control the U. S. Senate in the next election.  First of all Mr. Obama nominated Sen. John Kerry to be the next Secretary of State, thus opening up his Senate seat to Republican Useful Idiot Scott Brown.  In West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller will retire, making that seat an almost certain switch.

Now Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa announced that he is leaving, and the Republicans have a huge opportunity to pick up his seat.  As for Democrats, they seem to be hoping that actress Ashley Judd is a viable candidate in Kentucky for the seat of minority leader Mitch McConnell.  Really, they do.

So what is the Democrat’s plan?  Well here it is.  The Democrats are planning on retaining control of the Senate by having the Republicans nominate ignorant, stupid, and extremely extreme and unattractive candidates.  Will it work?  Well it did in 2010 and 2012.

As for Iowa, the Democrats do have a chance there.  It is almost as though Iowa and Kansas flipped a coin and Iowa won, and got a population of nice, normal rational people while Kansas got the group that is so dedicated to preserving life that they think murdering doctors is alright and so that is what they do.

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