Friday, January 18, 2013

Jeffrey Sachs Wants the Wall Street Journal Editorial/Opinion Pages to Get a Fact Checker – He Just Does Not Understand

The WSJ Doesn’t Want a Fact Checker – Because . . .

A gentleman named Jeffrey Sachs who is Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia writes about how the editors of the Wall Street Journal should get a fact checker to ascertain the integrity of what they say and cite.

Today I just want to talk about fact checking. The Journal editorial board is egregious in its misuse of data. It writes what it wants without fact checking. Where is the journalistic profession to call them out?

Mr. Sachs doesn’t get it.  Of course the Wall Street Journal opinion/editorial pages do not want to be submitted to fact checking.  They know full well that if they were held accountable for data and integrity none of their positions would stand.  Fact checking is the last thing they would want.

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