Friday, January 18, 2013

Mr. Obama Continues to Refuse to Recognize Fox News at News Conferences

But Don’t Worry Fox News

Despite the fact that they call themselves a news station, the truth is Fox News does not report the news, they try to make the news and make things happen in the political arena to fit their beliefs of what should happen.  And in in some cases they make up the news.  So everyone except hidebound conservatives knows they are not a true news station, and this includes the President of the United States.

But as for FOX, these have been relatively lean years in terms of getting the presidential nod at news conferences, particularly in light of the news outlet's reach vis-à-vis some of the other media organizations which have received more questions.

How lean?

A Smart Politics analysis finds that ABC reporters have been called on the most frequently during Barack Obama's solo news conferences followed by CBS, the Associated Press, and NBC with FOX News coming in at a distant ninth at less than half the rate of the top outlets and less than 40 percent of press conferences overall.

But not to worry Fox News, This Dismal Political Economist and a whole bunch of other people hope that someday you will grow up to be a real news organization, and we are sure that when that happens you will be accorded the same rights, privileges and respect as other real news organizations. 

And here’s a bit of advice Fox folks, take a look in the mirror and then take a look at what real news reporting is like.  We’re sure you it will be pretty obvious to you what you need to do. 

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