Thursday, January 17, 2013

Job Killing Policies of the Obama Administration Resulting in Drop in Long Term Unemployed

Wait – That Can’t Be Right

Eventually the Republicans are going to have to admit that the economic policies of the Obama administration, as flawed as they are, were so much better than the austerity programs of the Republicans.  Proof in point, joblessness among the long term unemployed fell sharply over the past year.

The epidemic of long-term unemployment, one of the most pernicious and persistent challenges bedeviling the U.S. economy, is finally showing signs of easing.

The long-term unemployed—those out of work more than six months—made up 39.1% of all job seekers in December, according to the Labor Department, the first time that figure has dropped below 40% in more than three years.


Now no one should be ready to declare victory, and Mr. Obama could easily cave to Republican pressure and implement polices that would blunt this momentum.  But the trend is good, and shows that had Mr. Obama been able to get a better package through the Congress things would have been better still.

As for the Republicans, expect them to continue to rail against policies that are working, albeit much later than should have occurred.  And there’s that reality thing, once again in opposition to Conservative ideology, which is why Republicans and Conservatives watch Fox News where reality is nowhere to be seen.

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