Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From the NYT, the Great Columnist Gail Collins Has the Only Words One Will See on This Site About the Flu

One Paragraph Says So Many Things

Gail Collins of the New York Times editorial pages is unquestionably the most delightful part of those pages.  She is intelligent, witty and makes great observations.  For about two years she constantly reminded everyone that Mitt Romney once took the family dog on vacation with the family strapped to the roof of the station wagon (the dog, not the family.)  Now she has about the only comment worth noting on the flu.

Ms. Collins,After Reading
Her Own Words - Rightfully Smiling
It’s hard to tell the extent of a flu outbreak because most of the victims just snivel away unhappily in the privacy of their own homes. The Google site solves this problem by tracking the number of times people search for flu-related terms online. Does this make sense to you, people? If we could determine what was going on in the world by the most popular searches, wouldn’t the universe be run by mischievous kittens and Kate Middleton?

Really, there is nothing more to be said after that paragraph, which covers a lot of ground in a very concise space.

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