Friday, June 30, 2017

Explaining HUD Pick Lynne Patton to Head Housing In New York

Fake But Feasible News

With all of the turmoil following the President it was easy to overlook the selection of Lynne Patton to head HUD housing operations in the New York area.  The choice has made some news however because the individual selected has no experience whatsoever with public housing and governmental housing policy.  So here is some not-true news to explain the selection.

First some true news about the person.

Before Mr. Carson recommended her for the role, Ms. Patton had been working as a senior adviser and director of public engagement at the department for several months. Before that, she had no experience in housing policy. Instead, she had worked closely with Mr. Trump’s family for years as an event planner and assistant.
Ms. Patton helped coordinate some of Eric Trump’s wedding, organized golf tournaments on the president’s courses, and was the vice president of the Eric Trump Foundation. In her role at the foundation, she oversaw its outreach and operations, planned fund-raisers and other functions, and worked on the group’s social media presence.
Wow, but what about some background?

In a speech at last year’s Republican National Convention, she noted that her father had been born in Birmingham, Ala., and became a respected doctor at Yale University.

Okay, we didn’t realize the fact that if a person’s father was born in Alabama and had become a respected doctor at Yale that qualified one to head up one of the most important offices in the government.  So we went to Ms. Patton to ask about it and here is what she did not say.
New York (Fake News Net) The person selected to run HUD operations in New York and surrounding area said today that she brings assets to the job that no one else could.  “I have extensive experience planning big weddings” she said “and think of what this will mean for residents of public housing.  I can organize their weddings, most of which will cost only $100,000 or so and make memories that will last a lifetime.  I can also help them join country clubs, well not most Trump clubs because he doesn’t want people living in public housing at places like Mar-a-Lago, but there are some clubs that are not as restrictive.  My connections will get them discounted golf lessons.

Yep just the sort of person you would think would join Ben Carson in his role to destroy government support of the housing market.

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