Monday, June 26, 2017

Sen. McConnell Explains Secrecy Behind Senate Health Care Bill

“Americans Are Just Too Stupid to Understand This” He Did Not Say

Editors note:  Because the Senate leader did not explain why he kept the American people from knowing what was in a health care bill that literally affected their life and death, the DPE thought he would put words in the Senator’s mouth and explain things.

Warsaw, Ky (FNNNN)  Kentucky Senator and Majority leader Mitch McConnell today said that the reason he kept the public from knowing the details of the Senate’s health care legislation was that “The average citizen doesn’t understand this stuff.  We in the Senate, that is we Republicans not the other guys, have full knowledge about what is good for the wealthy and we were elected to make sure those people did not suffer from paying taxes to help middle and lower income families have decent care.”

McConnell went on to say that “Just because a person is sick or injured doesn’t mean they should get treatment.  The Constitution doesn’t say that promoting the general welfare means regular people shouldn’t suffer from curable diseases.  It doesn’t say children must get to see doctors and nurses when they need to and it certainly doesn’t say that billionaires should pay taxes, and if they have to the Constitution expressly prohibits those taxes helping non-billionaires”  When asked about the billionaire reference and where that was in the Constitution McConnell replied that “Just because something is not stated explicitly in the Constitution doesn’t mean we can’t infer it if that furthers our agenda of helping wealthy people get even more money”.

The Senator concluded his remarks by arguing that “Our coal miners have lived for decades with sub par health due to lack of safety concerns by coal mine owners and there is no reason the rest of the nation shouldn’t follow the example set by the great state of Kentucky.”

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