Friday, June 2, 2017

On the Paris Accord – Is Trump Stupid or Ignorant?

Uh, Can We Have an Easier Question?

Donnie cowardly left the European meetings without telling the Europeans he was backing out of the Paris climate agreement.  Yes he had made up his mind to do so, but he just could not face the criticism he would get from U. S. allies.  Also apparently he could not face exposing his ignorance of the agreement to those who knew what it really meant.

See here from the WaPo is the real story.

the agreement does not require a particular level of emissions cuts for a particular country; rather, the United States and any other nation can choose its own level of emissions reductions.

So why didn’t the U. S. just change its pledge?  Trump don’t know.  And what about the financial contributions?

“It seems very unnecessary to have to withdraw from the Paris agreement if the concern is focused on the U.S. emissions target and financial contributions,” said Susan Biniaz, who served at the State Department as the United States’ lead climate change lawyer from 1989 until earlier this year. “The U.S. can unilaterally change its emissions target under the agreement — it doesn’t have to ‘renegotiate’ it — and financial contributions are voluntary.”

Duh?  So what is really going on here.  Well one argument is that Trump supporters are really ignorant on climate change and the Paris agreement, and Trump wanted to show he was one of them.

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