Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ed Sec “Born with a silver ingot in her mouth” Betsy DeVos to Cut Back Civil Rights in Schools

Unless the violations are against spoiled rich people

An ugly episode in an ugly administration

That civil rights violations take place in the nation’s schools is not disputed, even by conservatives who hate civil rights enforcements.  But they are just not a big deal to a billionaire appointed to head the Education Department.  So she will cut enforcement.

WASHINGTON — The Department of Education is scaling back investigations into civil rights violations at the nation’s public schools and universities, easing off mandates imposed by the Obama administration that the new leadership says have bogged down the agency.
According to an internal memo issued by Candice E. Jackson, the acting head of the department’s office for civil rights, requirements that investigators broaden their inquiries to identify systemic issues and whole classes of victims will be scaled back. Also, regional offices will no longer be required to alert department officials in Washington of all highly sensitive complaints on issues such as the disproportionate disciplining of minority students and the mishandling of sexual assaults on college campuses.

See, the problem is that is just not a priority for Bets.  She wants to gut public schools and use tax dollars to fund religious schools, religious schools that support her religion of course, others need not apply.

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