Saturday, June 17, 2017

Administration Moves to Forbid Senate to Regulate Sanctions on Russia

Sec. State Wants to Reward Russia

In a rare bi-partisan agreement the Senate wants to make sure the Trumpie doesn’t give away the store to Russia.  The Senate is ready to pass a law making it much more difficult for Donnie to kiss up to Russia and relax penalties that the Obama folks place on the Kremlin for all sorts of bad things.  But the Secretary of State, obviously seeking to suck up to Donnie doesn’t want that, and the House, formerly a bastion of a hard line on Russia may go along.

As the Senate gears up to pass a bipartisan deal to punish Russia and restrict President Donald Trump from any attempt to ease sanctions, his administration and House Republicans are signaling that the agreement has a shaky future.

Senators in both parties have urged Trump to avoid leveling any veto threat on the Russia sanctions deal that's on track for passage Wednesday, which sets up a congressional review process if the president decides to ease or remove penalties against Moscow.

But Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Tuesday that the agreement to get tough on Russia would shut off communications with Moscow that he'd like to keep open for now.

Gosh, how did Tillerson run Exxon/Mobil with his spine removed?

Update:  The Senate passed the measure, hugely, but the House will probably kill it, don't want to hurt Putie's feelings, do we?

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